Waste Water Pumps

Gianneschi MV Pumps

Single-Thread Motor Driven Pumps. Self-Priming.

Stainless Steel Screw – Elastomer Stator.

Typical applications: drainage, black waters, sewage, water with small particles in suspension, viscous fluids…

Gianneschi & Ramacciotti
Type Reference Voltage Consumption Max Output Max Pressure Ø Inlet/Outlet Dim. LxWxH Weight
MV44G G140 24V 0,37 kW 50 L/min @ 0,3 bar 2,8 bar @ 25 L/min 1" 430x145x171mm 17kg
MV44G G141 230V 0,55 kW 50 L/min @ 0,3 bar 4 bar @ 25 L/min 1" 443x155x204mm 15,5kg
MV44G G142 230/400V 0,55 kW 50 L/min @ 0,3 bar 4 bar @ 25 L/min 1" 443x155x204mm 15,5kg
MVI60 G163 24V 0,8 kW 55 L/min @ 1 bar 2 bar @ 51 L/min 1"1/2 565x200x193mm 26kg
MVI60 G164 230V 1,1 kW 55 L/min @ 1 bar 3 bar @ 45 L/min 1"1/2 580x200x223mm 24kg
MVI60 G165 230/400V 1,1 kW 55  L/min @ 1 bar 3 bar @ 45 L/min 1"1/2 580x200x223mm 24kg

Given pressures are total head converted into bar (10m = 1 bar). 60 Hz motors available on request.


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