Hose & Hose Clamps

Multi-purpose flexible hose

Clear PVC food-grade hose. Reinforcement: polyester yarn.

White Hose Tricoflex Yachting

Food-grade hose. White PVC covering. Woven fiber reinforcement.

High Resistance Hose

Very flexible and rugged PVC food-grade hose. Reinforcement: steel helix.

High Resistance Hose

Very flexible and rugged clear hose for an easy control of fluid displacement.

PVC Hot Water Delivery Hose

Non-staining, greaseproof, detergent and disinfectant resistant PVC food-grade lining.

EPDM Hot Water Delivery Hose

EPDM Hot water delivery hose (heating, air conditioning systems).

Sanitation Hose

Resistant to odors and growing of bacteria. Low friction factor.

Universal hose connectors

Universal hose connectors 13 to 59mm

W5 Worm-drive clamps

Stainless Steel W5 AISI 316, with perforated band.

W4 T-bolt clamps

Stainless Steel W4 AISI 304, with solid band.
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