Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs
NGK spark plugs.

NGK spark plugs

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Ref. NGK Pack Qty Ref. NGK Pack Qty Ref. NGK Pack Qty
B1090 BR6HS10 10 B3623 BPR6EFS 10 B5628 BM4A 10
B1092 BPR7HS10 10 B3632 B7HS10 10 B5666 CR8EH9 10
B1157 BR8HCS10 10 B3672 LFR6A11 10 B5822 BR9ES 10
B1160 BR5HS 10 B3685 DPR6EA 10 B5859 B4LM 10
B1294 BR6S 10 B3695 BP8HS 10 B5887 IZFR5G 4
B2020 D8EA 10 B3711 BP4HS 10 B5921 BM6A 10
B2147 BUZHW 10 B3733 BCP7EV 4 B6088 BR7HS10 10
B2173 BUZHW2 10 B3823 BP8HS10 10 B6193 JR9C 10
B2223 BPR5EFS 10 B3855 B9HS10 10 B6321 BP6HS10 10
B2257 BR8HS10 10 B3932 DCPR7E 10 B6359 BUHW2 10
B2262 ZFR5F11 10 B3977 BR7HS 10 B6376 LFR5A11 10
B2360 CR10EK 10 B4035 BR8HS 10 B6431 BU8H 10
B2423 BPR5FS 10 B4065 BR6HS 10 B6499 LFR4AE 10
B2453 C7HSA 10 B4323 BR6FS 10 B6528 Y114T 10
B2527 BPR4FS11 10 B4363 PZFR5F11 4 B6590 BUHW 10
B2623 BPR6FS 10 B4366 B5ES 10 B6641 CR6HS 10
B2633 BPR6HS10 10 B4459 B8S 10 B6673 BPR4ES 10
B2634 B8HVX 4 B4495 BPZ8HN10 10 B6726 BPMR6A 10
B2721 B9HCS 10 B4510 B6HS 10 B6729 BP8HS15 10
B2733 BU10H 10 B4548 CR9EK 10 B6921 BL6H 10
B2756 BKR6E11 10 B4551 BR9HS10 10 B6972 DP8EA9 10
B2823 DR8ESL 10 B4623 DR5HS 10 B7022 BPR6HS 10
B2927 B6FS 10 B4774 BPM6F 10 B7270 BP7EVX 4
B2982 BPR4HS 10 B4823 DR6HS 10 B7327 BP5EY 10
B3012 BP8ES 10 B4838 BP8HN10 10 B7335 B10EVX 4
B3027 B7FS 10 B5011 BP4HS10 10 B7422 BPR5ES 10
B3133 BPZ8HS10 10 B5096 C7E 10 B7423 CR8HS 10
B3188 JR9B 10 B5097 B4H 10 B7447 BUZ8H 10
B3212 B6L 10 B5110 B7HS 10 B7502 CR9EH9 10
B3238 Y709R 10 B5127 BR10EV 4 B7696 PZFR6H 4
B3252 BR9ECM 10 B5211 BP7HS 10 B7811 BP6ES 10
B3430 B8EG 4 B5222 BR7ES 10 B7822 BPR6ES 10
B3437 DR9EL 10 B5371 BR6ES 10 B7838 DR7ES 10
B3438 BP4ES 10 B5422 BR8ES 10 B7839 DR7EA 10
B3481 DCPR6E 10 B5493 BR10ES   B7890 BP7EFS 10
B3558 B8HS10 10 B5510 B8HS 10 B7950 BP7HS10 10
B3570 BR9ECS 10 B5539 BR8HSA 10      
B3610 B6S 10 B5627 B8EGV 4      
Engine Systems
Engine Systems

Fuel Filters & Fittings

Racor Spin-on & Turbine Series, High-flow Series, Snapp filters, CCV filters...
Engine Systems

Multipass Fuel Polisher

The Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination at the source, the fuel tank, allowing…
Engine Systems

Water-in-fuel Detection

Water-in-fuel detection for diesel applications. Suitable for Racor water separator…
Engine Systems

Air Pipe Heads

Marine air vent pipe heads are designed to relieve tank pressure or vacuum during…
Engine Systems

Fuel Level Senders and Gauges

Tubular, swing-arm, float and horizontal senders. Fuel & fuel/water gauges.
Engine Systems

Tachometers & Hour Meters

San Giorgio Sein instruments, VDO instruments...
Engine Systems

Engine Monitoring

Gauges and senders for engine monitoring.
Engine Systems

Exhaust Systems

Mufflers, waterlocks, goose necks and air vents... for marine wet exhaust systems.
Engine Systems

Hoses and Exhaust Parts

Wet exhaust hose, exhaust tubing, elbows, transom outlets, fuel delivery hose, hose…
Engine Systems

Flexible Engine Mountings

R&D marine comprehensive range of fail safe flexible engine mountings.
Engine Systems

Damper Drive Plates

R&D marine damper drive plates.
Engine Systems

Flexible Shaft Couplings

R&D marine flexible shaft couplings absorb vibrations, noise and propeller thrust.
Engine Systems

Split Half Couplings

Split half couplings accomodate the variations that occur with normal shaft tolerances.
Engine Systems

Rope Cutters

R&D marine rope cutters will prevent a loose line from wrapping around your propeller.
Engine Systems

Propeller Shaft Bearings

Water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, to suit metric and imperial shafts.
Engine Systems

Propeller Shafts & Accessories

Machined propeller shafts and stern glands.
Engine Systems

Fans & Blowers

Engine room ventilation.
Engine Systems


Accoustic foam panels.
Engine Systems

Oils, Lubricants & Additives

Engine oils, transmission fluids, engine flush additives, fuel additives, coolants…
Engine Systems

Spark Plugs

NGK spark plugs.
Engine Systems

Makepoint Switch

A makepoint switch can be used to upgrade sensors not equipped with warning contact(s).

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