Bridge & Deck

Roller Screens & Window Films

Roller screen shades/blinds and window films for ships.

Helm Seats

Alu Design high quality chairs for work vessels, offshore, navy and commercial vessels.…

Marine Wiper Systems

Pendulum, pantograph and straight line wipers.

Quick Windlasses & Capstans

Quick Nautical Equipment windlasses and capstans.

Mooring & Docking

Rocna anchors, bow rollers, mooring chain, fenders, buoys and markers...


Shock cord; polyamide, polyester or polypropylene ropes (braided or stranded).

Ladders and Gangways

Boat boarding and simming ladders, folding gangways, GZ nautic hydraulic gangways.

Deck Plates & Hatches

Deck plates & inspection hatches, Freeman marine cast hatches series 2400.

Marine Gas Springs & Actuators

Compression gas springs and electric actuators.
Kent products are destined for the marine industry and are sold exclusively to professionals. Not all the products we can provide are available on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question. Our online store is reserved to regular customers in mainland France. Suggested retail prices are indicative only.