Side-power Thrusters

Side-Power thruster - Quick overview
  • Design and manufacturing focused on performance, reliability, comfort of use and safety.
  • Ease of installation.
  • "Plug & Go" electric wiring.
  • Child safe on/off and time lapse auto-off prevents accidental or unintentional operation.
  • Automatic shut off after use.
  • Direction change delay to prevent damage.
  • Self-resetting overheat protection of electric motor.
  • The IPC system includes a protection device for solenoids.
  • Automatic shut off after the maximum 3-minute use time (on/off systems).

Side-power EX Series

Side-power pod thrusters are an excellent choice where a tunnel thruster cannot be…

Side-power DC Electric Thrusters

Side-power SE series bow and stern thrusters.

Side-power Retractable Thrusters

Side-power retractable thrusters: 80 kg to 210 kg of thrust.

Side-power AC Electric Thrusters

Side-power AC electric thrusters (240 kg to 1400 kg of thrust) for work boats and…

Side-power Hydraulic Thrusters

Side-power hydraulic thrusters are destined for work boats, fish boats and yachts.

Side-power Stern Installations

A stern thruster combined with a bow thruster offers complete control of your boat. All…

Side-power External Stern Thrusters

Side-power SX thrusters for external stern installation. Simple bolt-on installation.

Side-power Proportional Speed Control Thrusters

Side-power 80 kg to 240 kg thrusters can all be installed with a DC power controller.

Accessories for Thrusters

Side-power control panels, tunnels, propellers, anodes...
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