Hoses and Exhaust Parts

Wet Exhaust Hose

Wet exhaust hose listed Lloyd’s Register.

Exhaust Transom Outlets

Transom outlets with our without flapper.

45° Exhaust Elbows

45° elbows for wet exhaust systems.

90° Exhaust Elbows

90° elbows for wet exhaust systems.

Exhaust Tubing

Fiberglass tubing for wet exhaust systems.

Hump Hose Couplers

Hump Hose Couplers : 76 to 254 mm for wet exhaust systems.

Diesel Delivery Hose

Diesel delivery hose 13 to 64 mm.

Diesel Delivery Hose ISO7840 A1

Diesel delivery hose 16 to 62 mm.

Fuel / Air Separator

Prevents the risk of overboard spillage from the fuel line vent.

Filter Funnel

Removes solids and water contamination.
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