Marine Generators

 Mase Marine Generators

  • Powered by YANMAR or KUBOTA diesel engines.
  • Synchronous brushless alternator. Insulation class: H.
  • Automatic shutdown on: low oil pressure, high water engine temperature, high exhaust gas temperature.
  • Control panel.
  • Running hour meter to help you perform scheduled maintenance.
  • ​Easy access for maintenance, all service parts on the same side.

Mase Generators provides an extensive worldwide service network.

Single-phase Generators 3000 rpm

Single-phase Generators – 3000 rpm – 230V 50Hz , Mase IS & Mariner Series – 2 kW…

VS Series Single-phase Generators

Variable speed diesel generators with intercooler system for marine applications.

Single-phase Generators 1500 rpm

Single-phase Generators – 1500 rpm – 230V 50Hz , Mase Mariner Series – 6.7 to 29…

Single-phase Generators 1500 rpm

Single-phase Generators – 1500 rpm – 230V 50Hz, Mase IS Series – 6.7 to 29 kW.

Three-phase Generators 1500 rpm

Three-Phase Generators – 1500rpm – 400V 50Hz, Mase Mariner Series – 11.2 to 36.2…

Three-phase Generators 1500 rpm

Three-phase generators 1500 rpm - 400V 50Hz, Mase IS series - 11,2 to 36,2 kVA.

Generator Sets 1500 rpm – Dry Exhaust

Generator Sets 1500 rpm. Mase MPF Series: dry exhaust, three-phase 400V 50 Hz, single-phase…
Kent products are destined for the marine industry and are sold exclusively to professionals. Not all the products we can provide are available on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question. Our online store is reserved to regular customers in mainland France. Suggested retail prices are indicative only.