Voltage Equalizers

Voltage Equalizers – 12 / 24 V

Scenario 1 – Installation with a 12 V DC alternator
The equalizer can charge a 24 Volt battery bank from a 12 Volt alternator thus providing a dual voltage installation.
Nominal current of 12 Volt loads must not be above the current limit of the equalizer in order to allow battery equalization.

Ref: SR207 Equalizer, 12/24 V DC 25 A
Ref: SR203 Equalizer, 12/24 V DC 40 A

Scenario 2 – Installation with a 24 V DC alternator

The equalizer can provide a 12 Volt power source from a 24 Volt electrical system, while keeping the 24 Volt source available.
Unlike a converter which “converts” 24 Volt into 12 Volt, an equalizer balances the voltage of the two batteries in series and the 12 Volt load current is drawn from both batteries.
All 12 Volt loads with high inrush current (pumps, etc.) will be powered since they are directly connected to the 12 Volt battery bank. However their nominal current must not be above the current limit of the equalizer in order to allow battery equalization.
Typical application: powering of a 12 Volt cooling unit whereas the installation features a 24 Volt house battery.

Ref: SR042 Equalizer, 24/12 V DC 60 A
Ref: SR206 Equalizer, 24/12 V DC 100 A

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