Galvanic Isolators

Any boat connected to shore power is exposed to galvanic and stray current corrosion which occur between pontoon and boat or between one boat and another. The only real and safe protection consists in installing a galvanic isolator to eliminate ground electric continuity between the AC shore power and the boat.

Easy to connect, it will increase the lifetime of your sacrificial anodes and efficiently protect equipment below the water line: motor brackets, propeller, sea cocks, etc.


Marine Generators

Mase Marine Generators IS Series and Mariner Series


Prestolite 12V or 24V marine alternators: 60A to 175A .

Lithium Power Systems

Clayton Power LPS Systems: easy access to 230 V and 12 V energy, everywhere.

Solar Power

Solar panels, solar charge controllers and accessories.


Starting, house & dual purpose batteries. Low voltage protection devices...

Battery Separators

The Voltage Sensing Relay (or separator) allows two batteries to be charged by the…

Battery to Battery Chargers

Can charge a house battery bank off a starting battery having different voltage

Voltage Equalizers

12/24 VDC and 24/12 VDC voltage equalizers.

Carling Modular Switches

Comprehensive choice of snapp-in rockers and mechanisms to adapt to your specific…