Quick 24V Battery Chargers

The Quick® Energy series includes a line of SBC NRG switching technology battery chargers, which are among the most sophisticated products available on the market. 

Product Features:

  • Three stage IUoU battery charging.
  • High efficiency.
  • 2 to 3 outputs.
  • Differentiated charging according to battery type.
  • Capacity of supplying full power with low AC mains voltage.
  • Compatible with most generators.
  • Can work in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • Compact design and silent operation.
  • CAN-bus interface (40A models and above).

Protection features:

  • Reverse polarity (with internal fuses).
  • Short-circuit, overload, output overvoltage and overheating protection.
Reference QC365 QC651 QC504 QC845 QC986 QC988
Voltage - Max output current 24V - 15 A 24V - 30 A 24V - 40 A 24V - 60 A 24V - 80 A 24V - 100 A
Charge absorption voltage 28,2 V (28,8V, GEL)     
Charge Float voltage 26,8 V (27,6V, GEL)     
Battery capacity, 24V 55-120 Ah 140-300 Ah 180-400 Ah 270-600 Ah 360-800 Ah 450-1000 Ah
Number of outputs 3 3 3 3 3 3
Options (not supplied)     QC157 / QC105 QC157 / QC105 QC157 / QC105 QC157 / QC105
Input voltage 83-264 V / 45-66 Hz   161-264 V / 45-66 Hz  
Cooling Controlled fan Variable speed fan
Dimensions (LxHxD) 114x252x71 mm 243x479x116 mm 170x391x82 mm 170x481x82 mm 170x481x82 mm 170x481x82 mm
Weight 1,6 kg 5,3 kg 3,1 kg 4,2 kg 4,2 kg 4,2 kg
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