Marine Instruments

Analog Voltmeters

Analog Voltmeters with DC or AC voltage scale.

Analog Ammeters

Zero center DC ammeters.

Digital Voltmeters and Ammeters

VDO digital instruments.

Leakage Current Testers

Safety devices for metal hulls should accidental ground occur.

Digital battery monitors

Digital battery monitors.

Hand-held Meters

Hand-held Meters : Multimeter and Ammeter Clamps.

Simarine Battery Monitors

Simarine PICO battery monitors with mobile remote access via WiFi: SOC & health,…
Kent products are destined for the marine industry and are sold exclusively to professionals. Not all the products we can provide are available on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question. Our online store is reserved to regular customers in mainland France. Suggested retail prices are indicative only.