Frigomar Air Conditioning Systems

Frigomar Self-contained air conditioners & chilled water systems

Inverter BLDC &  On/Off technology

To determine and plan the installation of an air conditioning system you have to take into consideration the general boat layout, the material and insulation techniques, the number of openings and windows as well as the season of use and usual navigation areas.

Please feel free to contact us, we can assist you in calculating your requirements.

Self-contained Units – Inverter BLDC Technology

Frigomar last generation of BLDC high performance SCU inverters with touchscreen…

Self-contained Units - On/Off Technology

Compact design and silent operation thanks to a brushless DC fan.

Chilled Water Systems – Inverter BLDC Technology

Frigomar inverter chillers: brushless DC compressors, together with variable speed…

Fan Coils

Extensive range of fan coils (3600 BTU/h to 30000 BTU/h).
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