Helm Seats

Alu Design high quality chairs

Helm seats for work vessels, offshore, navy and commercial vessels.

Type approved by DNV and in compliance with IMO-HSC regulations.

All seats can be directly mounted on deck or installed on deck rails with manual or electric operation.

Alutech 200

Alu Design Alutech 200 series is a light solution suitable for smaller vessels.


Alu Design OP12 series is supplied with reclining backrest, fixed armrests and heigh…

Alutech 600

Alu Design Alutech 600 series provides user focused design enhancements with high…

Alutech 300 D - 600 D - 600-5 D

Alu Design suspension chairs.

3000 FC

Alu Design 3000 FC is a shock mitigation seat constructed from 100% carbon. For vessels…

OP50 / OP60

Alu Design "All in one” chairs suitable for demanding operations. The armrests are…

Surface Mounted Rails

Alu Design Alutech 4000 surface mounted deck rails for helm seats.

Flush Mounted Rails

Aludesign flush mounted deck rails for helm seats.
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