Lithium Power Systems

Clayton Power LPS Systems

Noiseless and environmentally friendly lithium battery based power supplies

For easy access to 230 V and 12 V energy, everywhere

Charge automatically while driving, using the car's excess energy or connect directly to the mains.

All in one:

  • 12V 100 A.h Li-ion battery with BMS
  • 230 V/50Hz pure sine wave inverter (1500W for consumption)
  • 230V/50Hz intelligent charger (12 VDC - 50A charging from the mains)
  • DC-DC booster (45 A charging w/ energy from the car's alternator — Euro 6 compatible)

Simple installation: the LPS is secured and connected directly to the automotive battery.
Noiseless and environmentally friendly: turn off the engine and avoid idle running when you need energy.


Argumentaire Clayton


Marine Generators

Mase Marine Generators IS Series and Mariner Series


Prestolite 12V or 24V marine alternators: 60A to 175A .

Solar Power

Solar panels, solar charge controllers and accessories.


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