PWM Solar Charge Controllers

PWM Solar Charge Controllers

  • Automatic detection of the battery voltage,
  • Night light / Day light functions (light + time control)

Régulateur solaire PWM et MPPT

Ref. Max
Max input


Max solar power Display Dimensions Weight
ES528 10A 55V 12V/24V 130W/12V - 260W/24V LED 124,7x69x34mm 0,14kg
ES521 10A 55V 12V/24V 130W/12V 260W/24V LCD 103x71x36mm 0,10kg
ES522 20A 55V 12V/24V 260W/12V 520W/24V LCD 130x75x38mm 0,16kg
ES523 30A 55V 12V/24V 450W/12V 900W/24V LCD 164x103,5x47mm 0,20kg
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MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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