Marine Blinds & Window Films

Anti Glare Screens, Safety and Solar Films

Professional window screen shades/blinds providing glare free working conditions on the bridge and a more comfortable environment for crew and passengers.

Comprehensive range of window films: safety films, solar films...

Study and quotes on request.

Anti Glare Screens

SolarGlide anti glare screens provide glare free comfort for work on computers &…

Dim Out Screens

SolarGlide dimout screens offer a comfortable environment for crew and passengers…

Black Out Screens

SolarGlide blackout screens provide ideal sleeping conditions, night & day, as well…

Dual Screens

SolarGlide dual screens combine the benefits of 2 screens in 1 cassette for 24-hour…

Solar Window Films

SolarGlide solar window films reflect away solar glare and solar heat.

Safety Window Films

SolarGlide safety films strengthens the glass, creating an invisible safety barrier.
Kent products are destined for the marine industry and are sold exclusively to professionals. Not all the products we can provide are available on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question. Our online store is reserved to regular customers in mainland France. Suggested retail prices are indicative only.