Cruise Combi Line

Indel Webasto Marine

Isotherm Cruise Combi Line

Cruise Combi Line is a product range dedicated to big refrigeration units, combining high quality stainless steel fridges and freezers.

  • Comprehensive choice of large units ranging from 195 liters to 320 liters
  • Great flexibility allowing the combination of door and drawer units
  • Completed by a special stainless steel flush mounting frame

Cruise 195 Combi Line

The CR 195 Combi is a unit combining a CR 130 fridge on top of a CR 65 freezer.

Cruise 220 Combi Line

The CR 220 Combi is a unit combining a CR 130 fridge on top of a CR 90 freezer.

Cruise 260 Combi Line

Spacious fridge unit combining a CR 130 Drink on top of a DR 130.

Cruise 320 Combi Line

Unit combining a CR 160 Drink fridge on the top of a DR 160 (all fridge, all freezer…
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