Cruise 195 Combi Line

Indel Webasto Marine

Isotherm Cruise 195 Combi Line

The CR 195 Combi is a stainless steel fridge-freezer unit, combining a CR 130 fridge on top of a CR 65 freezer. CR195 is equipped with two BD35F fan-cooled compressors with separate thermostats. Supplied with a flush mounting frame. Right hand side opening and 12/24 V as standard.

Options : left hand side opening,  AC/DC versions.

Indel Webasto Marine - Isotherm
Reference I197
Volume 195 L
Fridge 130 L
Freezer 65 L
Voltage 12/24 V
Power consumption* 840 W / 24 hours
Compressor type 2 x BD35F
Dimensions (WxHxD) 545x1345x580 mm
Weight 63 kg
* Max power consumption @ 12 V ( ambient temperature: +25°C, cabinet temperature: +5°C).
Cruise Combi Line

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