Solenoid Valves

Quick Nautical Equipment Solenoid Valves

Suitable for water and diesel.

  • Normally Closed (NC).
  • Brass body, stainless steel wetted parts.
  • Possible manual override in the event of emergency.
Deck Fills, Breathers & Valves

2-way Ball Valves

Stainless steel or nickel plated brass

Push Button Valves

Brass push button valves.

Quick Closing Valves

Bronze valves.

3-way Ball Valves

Extensive range of 3-way ball valves.


Jabsco waste diverting valves

Guidi Non-stick Valves

Marine bronze valves.

Electronic Diverting Valves

TruDesign Aquavalve®, supplied with a remote control panel.

Deck Fittings

Deck fills for fresh water or fuel, waste discharge fittings...


Tank Breathers