Schenker Smart

Schenker Watermakers

Comprehensive range of modular or compact watermakers.

Low electric consumption thanks to the patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low pressure pump.


Typically just about 240 W to produce 60 L/h!


  • Automatic pressure regulation
  • Silent and vibration free running
  • Simple installation and easy access for maintenance
  • Manual override, should electronic components fail
  • Very simple to use thanks to a remote analogic or digital control panel



HRO Seafari Mini

Seafari Mini Series: quality in a smaller capacity watermaker, ideal for small size…

HRO Seafari Versatile

Seafari Versatile Series, Compact or Modular, are perfect for larger, long distance…

Schenker Ready

Ready 35 L/h and Ready 60 L/h compact desalinators for a fast and simple installation…

Schenker Modular

Compact desalination units with external feed pump. Outputs from 35 L/h to 210 L/h.