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For over 40 years, Kent Marine Equipment has been importing and distributing quality products to the marine sector, for both recreational and commercial vessels.

In this last edition of our catalog you will find a whole new range of possibilities with Li-ion technology and electric propulsion as well as a wide choice of LED lightings, air conditioning systems using R-410A refrigerant…

Chapitres en français Chapitres en français
You can easily download and print any chapter in PDF format and use the following link to access our price list.
2016 Edition
Pumps and Water Systems

Pumps and Motor-Pump Units
Water Supply and Distribution
Manual Pumps
Submersible Pumps
Livewell Pumps

0 pages, 16,4 Mo
Engine Room Equipment
32 pages, 5,2 Mo
Steering Systems & Engine Controls
0 pages, 8,3 Mo
0 pages, 4,8 Mo
Cathodic Protection
12 pages, 2 Mo
Electrical Equipment
60 pages, 16,8 Mo
Next Chapters Coming Soon …

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